Hello students!

I have written this story for you to read it.

Please, read it carefully, and answer to the following questions, as we will be talking about them in class:

1. What´s  the name of the lake Andrea was dreaming?

2. What was she dreaming of?

3. Which was Andrea´s problem when she woke up?

4. What happened when she met Sarah?

5. According to the story… What do you think it means to be a “supergirl”?

6. Do you think that eating to many sweets can be a problem for children´s health? Think about it!

I´ll see you in class!



Talkgroup » the food you like

Talkgroup » the food you like.

Hello again!

Please, leave a comment in the forum about the things you like and the things you don´t like eating.

We will listen to the different commentaries in class.

                                                         Thank you for your collaboration!

                                                        P.D: This activity has been created as a part of the subject didactics of the English language…


Hello students:

Continuing with the topic we are working with, here you have this apple which contains words about different types of food.

Classify them into healthy or junk food.

You can add some other words you may know.

Finally,write your opinion about the food you like.  Tell us about your diet… What do you like the most?

P.D: This activity has been created as a part of the subject Didactics of the English language.

Talkgroup » Ana´s class. 6th of primary education.

Talkgroup » Ana´s class. 6th of primary education..

Hello to everyone!

Please, participate in the forum and tell us about the things you like doing in your free time…

We will listen to the different commentaries in class.

Feel free to express yourself and tell us anything you would like to share with your classmates!

I´ve just created a voki


I wanted to share with you my opinion about www.voki.com. I think this program is very creative and through its use students will have fun while learning English. We could propose them a topic and they can talk about it through their voki. In only 60 seconds they will say what they know or what they think about a topic. Their work would be saved, so it would be useful for us to assess the students´speaking skill.

I send you a sample in which I am introducing myself, but much other activities could be carried out!



Dear students:

Now that we have finished the didactic unit devoted to take care of  the environment, I send you the links we have worked in class,  in case you want to do some revision. Click on them if you want to see them again!!



P.D: This post is a part of a Didactic Unic I´m working in the subject DIDACTICA GENERAL.